"Hey, can I get a tire fixed?"
The simple answer is maybe. Huh?
Proper repair of tires is governed by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. If you look at the picture below, this shows the approved area of repairs on tires.

Tire Repairs in Glenview | Personalized Auto Care

"What's a rim leak?"
Rim leak is when corrosion builds up on the rim surface and forces the tire away from the bead allowing air to escape. Example below. Not the fault of the tire, more the blame of the makeup of the wheel.

Tire Repairs in Glenview | Personalized Auto Care - image #2

"Can't you just plug it?"
Nope. First reason, it voids the warranty. Second reason, all you do is make the hole bigger, decreasing the chances of a proper repair. Lastly, if what ever gave the puncture in the first place is still in the tire, how will you know?