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Tire Pressure System Diagnostics

Tire Pressure System Diagnostics | Personalized Auto Care

This is an image of a (TPMS) Tire Pressure Light.

Starting in 2008 all new vehicles were manufactured with Tire Pressure Systems.

By “design,” the TPMS light illuminates when there is a reduction of 25% of the proper air pressure in your tires. I say by design because in the spring and fall, the big temperature changes turn those little suckers on as well.

Enough of that. 

Whenever the tire light comes on, have the tires filled to the specs on the driver’s door pillar (see picture below) and have the system reset. Some have buttons, others have different procedures, and some you can drive off, but the system must be reset. If the system is not reset, the tires have no base to start with and can turn on at random.

If the light is flashing, you might not have a low tire. You may have a component failure that needs to addressed. Any qualified shop should be able to tell you why it is on.

Many of the new cars today have “sleepers.” This means they will go to sleep after the tires sit for a length of time and reactivate when you start driving.

It is not a “[email protected]#$” Tire Light! When enabled properly, it does the job of getting it in for repair as opposed to getting stuck on the Edens at rush hour!

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